Dear customers,

After providing a free email editor for over 5 years, StampReady have decided to charge a subscription for it ($9/month or $54/year). Just as with their new editor release, nobody was notified about the upcoming change - we had to learn about it from a customer.

This is their business decision and we respect it - everything has a cost, and any product needs to be sustainable, or it goes away. We're just a little disappointed by the lack of professionalism. 

On this note, when purchasing any of our email templates, please remember that you are purchasing an email template, not an email template + editor.

We are currently searching for alternatives, and will make an announcement once we find a service that we can use to replace our dependency on StampReady.

March 16, 2019


What is Pine Email Framework and where can I find out more about it?

Pine is a modular and lightweight, responsive email framework.

Pine is free to be used for both personal and commercial projects under the MIT license.

For more information please visit