Dear customers,

After providing a free email editor for over 5 years, StampReady have decided to charge a subscription for it ($9/month or $54/year). Just as with their new editor release, nobody was notified about the upcoming change - we had to learn about it from a customer.

This is their business decision and we respect it - everything has a cost, and any product needs to be sustainable, or it goes away. We're just a little disappointed by the lack of professionalism. 

On this note, when purchasing any of our email templates, please remember that you are purchasing an email template, not an email template + editor.

We are currently searching for alternatives, and will make an announcement once we find a service that we can use to replace our dependency on StampReady.

March 16, 2019


What is Timber front-end framework and where can I find out more about it?

Timber is a carefully crafted HTML, CSS and JS Framework.

Timber is free to be used for both personal and commercial projects under the MIT license. Plugins such as the Avalanche Slider, Summit Lightbox and Snowbridge Parallax require a commercial license. All other plugin are provided for free under the MIT license.

For more information please visit